How can rape by giving a drug or intoxicant to a person that renders them unable to give consent have a minimum sentence of 0-15 years but possession of drugs without being used for rape has a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years to life?

its almost like we have legalized the systematic oppression of women and people of color

because only women and people of color are raped?




everyone on this site gets so offended over everything go outside and tell the plants in your yard because i do not care

The plants in my yard ARE DEAD

Wow not everyone has a yard god go check your privilege

I don’t know why but when I see someone with electrical tape Xs over their nipples I lose my damn mind. I thought it was just girls but a dude in the bar just lifted his shirt to reveal his and I might be in love.

Is there a name for this sort of fetish?

"RAINN insists that a focus on rape culture is misguided because most young adults know rape is wrong, thanks to “repeated messages from parents, religious leaders, teachers, coaches, the media and, yes, the culture at large.” But knowing that “rape is wrong” means little if you don’t know what rape is.

When one witness in the 2012 Steubenville rape case was asked why he didn’t stop the assault on a high school girl, he testified that he didn’t know the attack was rape: “It wasn’t violent. . . . I thought [rape] was forcing yourself on someone.” Earlier that evening, this teen took car keys away from a drunk friend. At some point he got the message that drunken driving is wrong, but never that penetrating an unconscious girl is rape.

Even some politicians don’t seem to fully understand what rape is. “Rape, when I was learning these things, was the violation of a chaste woman, against her will, by some party not her spouse,” Tennessee state Sen. Douglas Henry said in 2008. It was only two years ago that then-Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri suggested that “legitimate rape” doesn’t cause pregnancy, and the FBI revised its definition of rape, which had included only women (no mention of male victims) who had been “forcibly” attacked."

Why we need to keep talking about ‘rape culture’ (via feminizt)

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Is this a Cosmo tip?

Is this a Cosmo tip?

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I will never fake an orgasm in my life. I’m not gonna give you credit for something you’re shit at

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I like how the first one specifies that it’s the owner’s voice so we know the dog isn’t talking.

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If owning a gun and knowing how to use it worked, the military would be the safest place for a woman. It’s not.

If women covering up their bodies worked, Afghanistan would have a lower rate of sexual assault than Polynesia. It doesn’t.

If not drinking alcohol worked, children would not be raped. They are.

If your advice to a woman to avoid rape is to be the most modestly dressed, soberest and first to go home, you may as well add “so the rapist will choose someone else”.

If your response to hearing a woman has been raped is “she didn’t have to go to that bar/nightclub/party” you are saying that you want bars, nightclubs and parties to have no women in them. Unless you want the women to show up, but wear kaftans and drink orange juice. Good luck selling either of those options to your friends.


A Short Post on Rape Prevention (via fucknosexistcostumes)

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So I had a terrifying thought today

…Female MRAs.

They don’t exist, right?